About the Process

What is LaGrange County Together?

LaGrange County Together is a community-driven process to prepare a comprehensive plan for the County, the towns of LaGrange, Shipshewana, Topeka, and Wolcottville, and all unincorporated areas. The process is designed to last 16 months, beginning in April 2021, and is led by the LaGrange County Plan Commission and the LaGrange County Community Foundation.
The plan must be supported by a clear understanding of the county as it is, with research and data providing a foundation from which to move forward. At the same time, the values and priorities of community members – the real experts on LaGrange County – will supply the guidance and direction that make this not just a plan, but a movement. Everyone who cares about the future of LaGrange County will be given the opportunity to provide their input through community engagement efforts hosted throughout the county. The technical analysis and feedback from the community gathered will then be used to create the final plan.

Why here, and why now?

The comprehensive planning process is designed to give a voice to everyone who wants to help guide that transformation and to ensure that we build on our strengths and maximize our potential. With strong values, a clear vision, and a commitment to action, we will come together to shape our future.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) post to learn more.

Who is leading this work?

We encourage anyone and everyone who cares about LaGrange County and its communities to participate in this rare opportunity. The comprehensive planning process is most effective and most reflective of community values when a broad range of perspectives is included.

Leadership Team

Process leadership and management

Steering Committee

Community representation, substance development, and process guidance

Outreach Team

Networking, engagement promotion, and participation delivery


(Including business, education, healthcare, and nonprofits)

Targeted input


(Including youth, adults, and seniors)

Input and feedback

County and Community Foundation Staff

Local knowledge and technical data

Elected Officials

Plan adoption and monitoring


Process facilitation and technical expertise

What is the timeline for LaGrange County Together?

The LaGrange County Together Comprehensive Planning Process is designed to occur over 14 months, launched in April 2021. Implementation of the plan, however, will continue for years to come.