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Summit on the Future

The LaGrange County Together Steering Committee hosted the Summit on the Future on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. Around 100 residents, community leaders, business owners, and elected officials joined the committee at the Fairgrounds Community Building in LaGrange to hear what’s been learned through the process and begin shaping strategies for the future. An additional 225 residents participated in the online summit, following the in-person event, providing input from over 325 total participants in the second round of engagement. The responses helped shape the major components of the comprehensive plan including the draft vision statement, goal statements, and specific strategies for enhancing the communities of LaGrange County.

Listen, Learn, and Launch Open Houses

The LaGrange County Together Steering Committee hosted the Listen, Learn, and Launch open house events as the first round of engagement for the planning process. The six open house events were held in September 2021 in locations all across the county to encourage participation. Stakeholder interviews were also conducted alongside the public open houses to gain a deeper insight into the county and its communities. These events gathered feedback from more than 250 people through both in-person discussions and online activities.

Technical Analysis Memos

The Comprehensive Plan is made up of 11 topics that range from land use and transportation to natural resources and education. This research and analysis provided a foundation that helped inform the plan’s final recommendations. These topics are organized into six volumes that group together the essential factors for the county’s future. Learn more about these and see the data that defined where the communities of LaGrange County are today.