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Join us at the Summit!

The LaGrange County Together Steering Committee is once again seeking the public’s ideas and recommendations for the future of the County at the Summit on the Future. The first round of public engagement, held Fall 2021, helped kick off the planning process with more than 250 participants providing thousands of comments on the future of the communities of LaGrange County. Now the public is invited to hear what’s been learned through the process and discuss the draft vision, goals, and potential strategies that will shape the County for the next decade.

The Summit on the Future is an opportunity to bring together all the communities to celebrate how far we’ve come and begin shaping strategies for our unified vision. Join us for this one-night event! The Summit will include a brief presentation sharing how public input and technical analysis come together to begin shaping strategies for the future. This will be followed by interactive activities for the public to share their thoughts and ideas on the direction of the LaGrange County Together Comprehensive Plan.

Save the date.

Tuesday, February 22

6:00 – 8:00 PM

Fairgrounds Community Building
1030 E 075 N, LaGrange, IN

Registration is not required.

Attend and enter to win gift cards from local restaurants and try free homemade fried pies with ice cream!